Team-building exercises for new hires to improve their bond with existing employees

Team building exercises are a great way through which team morale, leadership abilities as well as interpersonal skills can be enhanced.

Other than this, team building exercises play a very important role when it comes to employee retention as well as corporate team building.

So, the management of every organization should encourage team-building exercises. In this way, staff discussion would be promoted with regard to work-related topics in a memorable & fun way. This would also result in a high-performing team.

So, here are some of the team-building exercises for the new hires that would improve their bond with existing employees. Let us have a look: -

  • Off-site visit

An off-site event combined with idea forums & brainstorming can be a great way to charge up your employees when they go back to the office.

It also acts as a great opportunity for professional development as well as strategic planning.

  • Mystery Rooms

Mystery rooms is a very exciting & challenging game where you aim at getting out of the theme-based room within the stipulated period of time.

During this time period, you would have to use logic, find hints & solve puzzles in order to get out of the room.

Thus, it is a very good small fun activity for employees as it promotes problem-solving skills & positive attitude.

  • Laser tag

Laser tag is one of the best indoor team-building activities and all your team members would certainly like playing this game. The best thing about laser tag is that anyone can play it easily and it very well boosts team building & helps to formulate strategies.

What are the benefits of team-building exercises?

It increases the motivation

Team building is one of the best ways through which you can create a very good company culture as well as boost motivation among employees.

Also, it is seen that when employees complete a particular team-building activity, then momentum is created.

Other than this, the confidence of employees is also boosted and they feel that the organization is ready to invest in them.

It boosts productivity

One of the common goals associated with team building activity is to improve productivity.

Besides this, it also encourages the employees to work together in an effective manner and perhaps in a very efficient way.

Collaboration is increased

It is seen that if a team building activity is done in the right manner, then greater collaboration is seen among the employees.

Collaboration in an office space means knowing the knowledge your colleagues have, having faith in them as well as getting access to that particular person when you are in need.

So, employees can very well build contacts as well as relationships by coming up with activities that employees can enjoy as a group.

Creativity is encouraged

If you want to have a business that is successful based on innovation & creativity, then it is very important that you work alongside different people having distinct expertise & perspective such that they can come up with fresh ideas for your organization.

So, it is seen that by doing team-building tasks, creativity is encouraged which can be quite beneficial for an organization in the long run.


You should be clear about the goals that you want to achieve before coming up with team-building exercises.

Other than this, you should also involve your team in every aspect which includes providing input as well as giving a personal touch. In this way, they would feel that they are a lot more invested.

Also, over a span of time, you would discover the team-building strategies that work best for your team.

So, after knowing this, you can schedule team-building exercises regularly such that a more productive & engaged team is maintained.

In this way, the following activities would become an integral part of your office culture which would further boost the retention of your employees.

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