How to make the "Back to Office" drive exciting?

After long days of work-from-home, offices are finally opening. Organizations want their employees to return to work. While some employees were waiting to return to the office, others enjoyed the work from home option more. However, as more companies want their employees to work from the office, it is essential to make the 'Back to Office' drive appealing and exciting for the employees.

Common Challenges in Back to Office

There are several challenges in going back to the office. However, the most prominent ones are a lack of communication and bonding among the employees. As employees worked from different locations and isolated settings, the bonding and communication have significantly reduced. Moreover, many employees who are entirely new to the team may have joined the organization during the pandemic. For the new employee connecting with team members can be a little tricky.

Building the Bond Again

Now that you know the challenges, you will look for ways to address them. Are you wondering how to build the bond again? Well, there are plenty of ways. However, gamification can provide you with the best results. Several games available in the market, such as escape rooms, can help employees better bond with each other.

Here are some of the best ways gamification can motivate employees to return to the office after lockdown. Let's dive in!

  • Enhances Workplace Environment

Most employees do not want to go to their workplace as they find the environment quite dull and monotonous. However, companies can easily enhance the overall workplace environment and experience by investing in gaming solutions. It will make work more fun and enjoyable. It will significantly reduce the chances of no-shows and increase employees' attendance in the office.

  • Increases Bonding of Employees

Apart from a monotonous work environment, many employees do not like working from the office because of the lack of bonding. No one enjoys working in a formal environment where there isn't much interaction and bonding. Gamification can be an ice breaker and enable employees to interact and collaborate. With the increase in bonding among the employees, the 'Back to Office' drive will surely be exciting.


Not only will the gaming solutions make the 'Back to Office' drive, but they will also enhance the overall productivity of organizations. Now that you know the best way to make your drive exciting is to invest in gaming solutions. Leverage the best games and welcome your employees back to the office.

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